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documentary production


The roots of singing

Once again, I start from home, as always. Everything I was looking for was found nearby, around the corner, a few miles away. Because here, as anywhere else, the lakes, trees, woods, animals and people all beat with the same heart.

Mara Redeghieri
"Al Cusna"

Woman of the Sahel

Among the things to eat I prefer milk and cereals, such as the big millet and the small millet. I don't know anything about your world. My biggest desire is to always be healthy, always have something to eat, and always be close to my family.

Altinè Ba
“Portrait of Altiné in the dry season”

Collective Hysteria

One felt alone, watching mobs of thousands people losing their mind, shouting “Duce Duce Duce!”, and getting to a hysteric height. You felt flabbergasted. “How can I resist this mob, this triumph of savagery?”

Ernesto Rossi
“The words of Ventotene”

Water, a common good

Sense of belonging. To be able to manage your own water gives you a strong feeling of belonging,

Vincenzo Castellano
"Acqua chit ven"

War in Northern Uganda

Six years have passed since I met the rebel leader Joseph Kony in the bush. The war in Northern Uganda now seems to be over. But how do the people who have suffered for over twenty years feel today? Are those wounds still open?

Kevin Doris Ejon
"Kevin- will my people find peace?"

A life for set design

I didn't know about this profession. I invented the scenes. I was doing puppet theatre with shoe boxes. I liked the set changes.

Uberto Bertacca
“Uberto of the mirrors”

Appennine’s tales

There are places which seem to have a heart, places which represent the “secret garden” that each of us holds inside, which remind us that the present is meaningful because there was a “before”.

Rosa Maria Manari
"In tel fade"

Catherine’s courage

When I discovered I was HIV positive I said: I will fight against HIV and see what I can do. And I managed to survive with HIV for ten years. Then HIV struck TB. I said: “Now I have two enemies to fight. I will.”

Catherine Phiri
“Eyes wide open”

bologna - italy

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