About us

Our story began many years ago. The passion for documentaries, for traveling, for images, stories and “different” worlds drove us to build, step by step, a profession which is also life.

Each documentary, each project completed represents a unique plot, a creative and rich encounter with very different people and contexts. We have tried to interpret and to narrate them with a sense of responsibility, and wonder. There are recurring themes: water, women stories, memory, spirituality, nature, diversity… paths that can be walked on repeatedly, always learning something new.

A symphony of fragments

…A beautiful, meandering symphony of fragments, with some images digging deep into our memory, never wanting to leave. Beyond the historical accounts and the emotional knots, it was a long time since I had seen a representation of water capable of returning the live and unstable shape of its ambiguous body, made of reflections, almost a score of lights and shadows. I have thought that water was a mental matter since I saw “Rain” by Ivens. But to communicate that feeling though images is a task requiring an uncommon sensitivity.

Matteo Pernini
Ondacinema, about "Acqua chit ven"

First Prize of the Italian Syndicate of Cinema Journalists

In this independent documentary we find the story of a journey in search of an impossibile peace. But it’s also the story of a young reporter, who becomes the symbol of a special style of journalism, telling how it is possible, today, to look for answers to the universal demand for peace and freedom. A courageous investigation in the territory of a fratricidal war dividing Uganda. In our world of editorial wars, the profession is ever more tainted by obscure power games. But we mustn’t forget that journalism is, in its essence, a quest for truth.

Jury’s motivation
Sguardi Altrove Film festival

Environmental visions prize to "The waters of Chenini"

The film is characterized by the power of its central theme: the oasis as a metaphor for an harmonious world, in which environmental protection, human activities, and the safeguard of natural and cultural biodiversity coexist. In addition to presenting an effective denunciation of the progressive environmental decline, the film shows the concrete possibilities of a sustainable economic and environmental development, brought about by the new generations and their innovation potential. The female voiceover results in a particularly strong narrative effect, never conceding to the easy shortcuts of catastrophism.

Jury’s motivation
Visioni Italiane - Bologna

City Symphonies

At the end of the1920es the “City Symphonies”, or “Everyday Symphonies” were created. Watching “Work of Art” brings to mind that kind of film. We could thus speak of an “Art Symphony on serial work” . Sounds and imagines craftily combined carry us to the heart of the project: dull metallic noises, minimalistic rhythms emulated by the transport belt of repetitive production, images generated by the web of memories, which hosts experiences from the past, accompany today the pulsating life of many people, entrusting it to a future time.

Elfi Reiter
"Il Manifesto", about “Work of art"

An unusual Ventotene

"The road ahead is neither smooth nor certain. But we must follow it and so we shall! ". The documentary is an invitation to follow this road. And it does so in a convincing way, not only for the story it tells, but also for the narrative style, the number of testimonials, archive materials and evocative images of the island of Ventotene. An island which doesn’t show anymore the sinister look of the confinement period. And a richness of sounds: sea waves, birds singing and the beautiful music of Paolo Fresu.

Andrea Fagioli
"Avvenire", about “The words of Ventotene”

Ernesto Rossi’s relevance

Inclusion, integration, participation: these are the ideals that Ernesto Rossi embraced, and that will find fulfillment and actualization among our youth through the diffusion of works such as this documentary.

David Sassoli
President of the European Parliament, about “The words of Ventotene”

The workers looks

…On one side the workers’ looks, caught in the moment when they first listen to their heartbeat. On the other side the revealing mix of voices and narrations, all striving to compose a colorful chorus which penetrates the geometrical silences of the warehouses, reinforcing their stillness. In this distance between the rhythm of the accents and the still quietness of the framed objects, a metaphysical sense of space emerges, enlivening bodies and architectures, which were, until then, slowly rolling towards oblivion. With the aid of a pulsating vocal score, the eye discovers its potential to animate the world. More than the single artists work, more than the social value of this public art project, the mind retains the visual suggestions: a vision never fixed, but always precarious, boldly “in progress”.

Matteo Pernini
Ondacinema, about “Work of art"

First Prize for best documentary to “The bride of the North"

The narrative structure is refined, the photography is evocative and precious, the protagonists’ link to their land, people and stories is solid. Lo Sguardo di Omero awards “The bride of the North - Voices from Tangier” for its ability to build through images a poetic narrative texture, moving between dream and reality, revealing the many contradictions of an ebullient city: Tangier.

Jury’s motivation
Lo Sguardo di Omero Film Festival

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