[Judith Gleason (1929-2012): a strong and committed woman, full of energy, curiosity and knowledge. Anthropologist, writer, teacher of creative writing, expert in African literature, she has conducted research in various African countries, in Haiti, in Brazil, in Mexico. She combined her deep knowledge of African and Afro-American culture with a visionary spirit and a very personal creative approach, often in debate with the academic establishment.

The relationship with Judith has taught us a profound respect for culture, for people, for individual and collective stories, the sense of adventure, recognition of the past, the sacredness of nature, and much more. With her we shared wonderful journeys to Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Mexico; we went there to film documentaries, but we came back with an heritage of unforgettable life experiences.


The presence of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the life of Mexican women


The initiation ceremony of a Santeria member in Puerto Rico


The female initiation ritual in the Niger Delta, Nigeria


Poetic portrait of Yemanjà, goddess of the sea in Afro-Brazilian culture

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